Digital dentistry In Garland TX

Digital dentistry in Garland, TX

Digital dentistry is the use of highly advanced dental equipment to enhance and expedite the diagnosis and treatment process. Using digital X-rays and intraoral cameras, we can share high-quality images with our patients. Digital X-rays are taken by placing the X-ray sensor inside the mouth, while intraoral cameras provide a live video feed of the mouth. The images and videos can be viewed on a nearby monitor, which allows us to better explain diagnoses and treatments to our patients.

How are digital dental x-rays taken?

A digital dental x-ray is taken with a small electronic sensor that is placed in the mouth. Many sensors are small enough to be comfortably placed inside the cheek or along the gum line. The sensor emits a very low level of radiation that is taken through the teeth and converted into a digital image. The image is then displayed on a computer screen for the dentist to review.

What are the benefits of digital x-rays?

Digital x-rays are one of the most beneficial tools in dentistry. They provide dentists with immediate images of teeth, gums, and the bone structure of your mouth. Digital imaging has a much shorter wait time than traditional images, and cutting-edge digital x-rays provide dentists with sharper images than were possible with film x-rays.

What is an intraoral camera?

An intraoral camera is a small, wand-shaped tool that your dentist uses to capture images of your teeth. The images are sent to a computer screen, allowing your dentist to analyze them. The intraoral camera is a very useful tool for diagnosing dental problems. For example, your dentist can use it to view areas of decay or damage to a tooth.

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