Who Can Benefit From Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to the use of sedatives to help a patient relax during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is useful for patients who get anxious or fearful in the dentist’s chair.

Commonly used sedatives include oral medications and nitrous oxide. Depending on the type of sedative used, a dental procedure can take just a few moments or several hours. If you are wondering who can benefit from sedation dentistry, here is the list:

Patients with dental anxiety

Sedation dentistry for patients who experience dental anxiety is a safe and effective way to receive the dental care they need. In fact, sedation dentistry is prescribed more than 20 million times every year. At our practice, each dental procedure involves the use of sedation, so patients can undergo treatment comfortably.

Patients who suffer from dental anxiety often avoid going to the dentist. This puts them at increased risk for dental problems such as tooth decay. With sedation dentistry, these patients can receive the treatment they need without experiencing anxiety or pain.

Patients with dental fear

Anxiety does not always feel the same for everyone. Some people feel a sense of dread or panic just at the thought of seeing the dentist. Other patients feel nervous or stressed about a specific procedure, such as having dental restorations placed or getting a root canal. Sedation dentistry by the dentist in Garland, TX, can help these patients manage their anxiety and feel more comfortable during their dental treatment.

  • Patients undergoing painful procedures  

Sedation dentistry may even help to lessen the amount of discomfort you have after the procedure. The anesthesia and sedation drugs may block pain signals that your brain receives. This means that you won’t feel pain in the same way that you normally would.

  • Those who require lengthy procedures

Sedation dentistry is a great option for patients who need to undergo lengthy procedures. Extensive dental work, such as dental implant placement, requires patients to be sufficiently numb for the treatment to be successful. Not all patients can tolerate the discomfort of extensive procedures, such as oral surgery, without sedation. Patients who are undergoing a lengthy treatment, like full mouth reconstruction or dental implants in Garland, TX, can benefit from sedation dentistry.

  • Patients with special needs

People with certain medical conditions or disorders, as well as those who are undergoing invasive procedures, may find that sedation dentistry is preferable. Many patients with special needs or who are medically compromised can benefit from sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows dental patients to receive necessary care without pain, stress, or anxiety. For instance, people with certain medical conditions, including high blood pressure or heart disease or those with a low pain threshold, can benefit from dental sedation. 

  • Patients with sensitive teeth

Sedation dentistry can be especially helpful for patients with sensitive teeth. Some patients have sensitive teeth, and mild dental procedures can cause pain. Sedation dentistry by the Garland, TX dentist can help these patients manage this pain during their treatment.

  • Patients undergoing more than one procedure at once

Patients undergoing multiple procedures at once by the dentist, Garland, TX, often benefit from sedation dentistry. This occurs when a patient is receiving two or more different types of procedures, such as extraction and placement of a dental implant. The patient’s mouth needs to be completely numbed, so they do not experience discomfort during the multiple procedures.

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